Case Study:
Green Wings   



A metaverse of virtual assets

We produced a multi-faceted fund-rasing campaign for non-profits and charities. It includes Compassion CATs for tokenizing donations, Green Wings Coins for on-chain, in-game trading, and Green Wings NFTs – flying unicorns with lasers!.

We launched the Compassion Land metaverse to experience giving together.

We developed a mobile AR app for viewing on-chain assets including a configurator for minting NFTs.



Marketing Strategy

We identified a potent match of non-profit fundraising, realtime gaming and blockchain integration that allowed Green Wings to be the first metaverse on the Chia blockchain. 

We launched  Wings.Green and Compassion.Land for the project.   


Product Design

We designed, and produced an entire metaverse of characters including adorable, interactive 3D "Compassion CATs" and flying unicorns NFTs called "Green Wings".

You can fly around Compassion Land with your own Ready Player Me avatar.



Game & AR

We created Compassion Land, a free online game with virtual assets displayed as animated characters.

We also developed a mobile AR app to view the asset tokens. The mobile app is featured is promo videos and is available on iOS and Android.   

Tokenized Blockchain Assets

We minted one billion Green Wings Coins (GWC) and 40,000 Compassion CATs (CCFO, CCFR, CCHE, & CCAN) and registered them as Chia Asset Tokens on multiple decentralized exchanges.

We created an "NFT configurator" that lets users randomize or pick the features they want, before minting it.   


Campaign Launch

We built a payment gateway, making easy for users to donate with PayPal or crypto via a browser-based wallet (Goby). 

On Earth Day, April 22, 2022, we officially launched and successfully received many donations for Compassion CATs.

When Chia releases their NFT standard, Green Wings NFTs will be tradable for Compassion CATs.



Social Engagement

One month before our launch, we held our giveaway of Green Wings Coins and were interviewed multiple times on YouTube and gained hundreds of followers and the attention of the Chia as the first metaverse on the network.      

We continue to post updates to Twitter and Discord. Our Green Wings Coin giveaway is also ongoing. 




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